October 5, 2011


Annie Georgia Greenberg is a name to know in NYC—you heard it here first!  Ok, fine—we’re a bit biased because she’s a good friend of ours, but as the newly on-boarded New York editor of popular fashion editorial-site Refinery29, we expect for her name to be dropped in many a blog, magazine, or line at an exclusive VIP event in the upcoming months. Annie graduated from Barnard this past May with a degree in English & Creative writing (she’s a very skilled poet), and despite her rigorous academic schedule, her extensive experience in the fashion editorial industry is impressive: she’s worked for Nylon Magazine, the Chicago Tribune, Vogue’s Department of Special Events, and Lucky Magazine, and her new role at Refinery 29 really brings her full circle in the industry—after all, Annie used to work as an intern for them when the site first launched a few years ago. Now, with Refinery’s rapidly growing acclaim and audience, Annie’s influence will surely captivate the “fashionista” masses for years to come.

Annie has managed to find a job that highlights both her strengths and her interests—she is gifted with words, has a great sense of humor, and most importantly a keen AND resourceful sense of style. Be sure to check out her posts here.
Photo Credit: Sam James

Your day-to-day responsibilities: 
Everyday I'm responsible for writing or delegating (and always editing) 7-9 New York posts, as well as for writing the daily newsletter/main spot and promoting the posts/site on popular social media outlets like Facebook and lesser known social media sites like Twitter.

Best perk of your job:
Aside from the 5 block commute, I love knowing where to go when I'm not working. We get a lot of emails about small performance pieces, movies, etc. that I otherwise wouldn't know about. And, of course, getting hooked up at things like an all you can eat crab-feast, or access to the V-Mag party where LiLo threw the drink at that photographer. Sometimes I step back and realize how cool it all is.

Describe your writing style:
For Refinery29, it's very much an irreverent stream of consciousness -- as if I'm talking to a friend -- because mostly I just want it to amuse people and for my writing to sound like my actual voice. For poetry, it's much more about constructing a specific image with the end goal of reaching some universal truth. Wow, do I sound pretentious yet? 

Your personal fashion style: 
Kelly Wearstler once defined her jewelry line as "Feminedgy," so I'm going to steal that because it’s how I’d like to see myself. I think my personal style is also a direct function of the way I shop—haphazardly and not in complete thoughts or outfits. I try to be resourceful—I like to make something out of nothing. I like to think I can walk into a Target or a random thrift store and come up with something chic or funky or unexpected. I like helping people get dressed too (call me and I'll shop with you!). I think I was a stylist in my past life. 

Writer you most admire?
As a contemporary poet, I think Sabrina Orah Mark is doing some cool, interesting writing that I've never seen before. Her voice is funny, makes sense to me, and evokes emotion in a really cool way. She also went to Barnard, and I've been trying to get in touch with her, so, Sabs, if you're reading this— holla at a kid. As a contemporary journalist/fashion journalist, I think I'd get fired if I didn't shout out to Kristian and the rest of the Refinery team. They do what they do really, really well (we were just named the Top Fashion Influencers by Klout) and they're always hard at work, even if their work consists of going to really hip, exclusive parties.

If you could only read one book forever, what would it be?
The Phantom Tollbooth.

Your dream job:
Exactly what I'm doing. Except in my dreams I work in my pajamas (specifically the white vintage nightgown that my roommates now lovingly call my "apartment dress" because I live in it). I'd also only work for only 3 hours a day and get paid like Bill Gates.

Hardest occasion to dress for:
Halloween. I spend months thinking about it. NYFW is kind of like Halloween because you feel like you're in costume and are all dressed up, but actual Halloween is probably hardest—gotta be topical, yet terrifying.

The hardest you’ve ever laughed?
My friends are the funniest people I've ever met (because I've never met Ellen DeGenerous, Louis C.K, or the cast of Arrested Development), and almost every time we hang out, I think, “This is the funniest thing I've ever heard/that's ever happened in my entire life.”

What inspires you as a writer?
MY ADORING FANS!!! Just kidding, I don't have fans...(not yet at least?!). I think reading something, and thinking, “I wish I had written that.” Whether it's poetry or a really funny link, reading something of undeniable quality always makes me want to produce the same.  Also, and this is kind of cheesy, I want to do well for our team. I was with Refinery29 when I just turned 19, as a web show host (a good number of people reading this might remember that funny little phase) and then later as a freelancer during fashion week. At that time Refinery was a group of 6 people. Now we're almost at 45 (and counting!) and seeing that kind of growth, I know it only came out of good, old-fashioned, hard work, and I want to do that so we can really reach our full potential: world domination. 

Your most essential accessory:
I can't live without a big bag. I have 3 good slouchy ones in different leather shades and they're constantly carouseling (that's not a word) through my outfits because I can fit anything in them —flats, gloves in the winter, sandwiches, even my smallest li’l friend, Al!

Item of clothing you can’t go without?
I feel absolutely naked if I'm not wearing my “birthday jewelry.” For my 21st my parents bought me this amazing trio of rings. I wear the ruby(my birthstone) and diamond one on my left middle finger and the other two on my left ring finger: one is this platinum ring that's really thin but has a lot of layers like Saturn and the other is gold and looks like a man's shrunken wedding band. It's probably bad luck to wear it on that finger and might jinx me from getting married, but so be it— I'd rather have the rings. Also, this year for my 22nd, I splurged (a hungover birthday remedy/treat) on a vintage Tourneau watch. I've never had a watch before this one, and now I'm not sure I could live without it. Definitely the best impulse purchase I've ever made. 

Your most embarrassing fashion faux-pas:
Oh god. A few weeks ago: I was walking up to go to a fashion show (I think it was Michael Kors), and was rushing to get in, but as you walk up to the tents, there are street style photographers that ask to take your picture. I was posing for a few shots and then moved my hair that was covering pretty much my entire torso. Here I was, thinking I'm eye candy, when one of the photographers ran back to me and said, “Ma'am, it's out. It’s out!” I look down and realize the “it” he was referring to was one of my boobs that had slipped out of the silk top I was wearing. I don't think it was visible in the photos (fingers crossed), but as far as faux-pas go, that's a pretty classic (and avoidable) no-no. 

Biggest trend at the moment: 
Orange, mixing neutrals, winter white, funky nails, Navajo anything, and leather shorts (because I just got a killer pair of leather shorts).

NYC Shopping gem:
The thrift and consignment stores in the East Village. It may be a played out answer but it continues to be true. I can't remember the last time I set out with the purpose of shopping but I can't pass by one of these stores on a walk without being intrigued by something (and usually splurging for no reason). 

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