December 8, 2009


Julia Willinger explains that she gets "a gut feeling" about good music. Although she is only twenty-three and would modestly insist that she doesn't deserve such a confident accolade, she is an expert. Julia is already a label coordinator at the independent record label, XL Recordings, which represents notable artists such as Radiohead, Sigur Ros, M.I.A., Vampire Weekend, Beck and the White Stripes, among many other huge names in the industry. Julia has worked in music throughout college, holding positions at Fuse TV and Sony Music, and acting as the Tulane University managing concert coordinator (which is both an extreme responsibility and highly sought after role). After graduating, Julia extended her industry experience at an imprint of RCA Records, Black Seal Music as the youngest member of the team. 

Julia is poised and committed. Out of a crowd at a concert, she is one audience member whose attendance an aspiring musician should hope for. 

Best perk of your job? 
Getting to see great live music, traveling and finding out about new bands before anyone else. 

Favorite artist? 
Hard question...could be Beatles, Radiohead, Nas... Bob Dylan. 

Do you have a crush on any artist you represent? 
Love the xx. I just think they are awesome, but not a crush in a romantic sense. 

Do you leave home without your Ipod? 
No Way! 

Most Played Song on Itunes? 
Lately it has been the Cocteau Twins and the new Vampire Weekend--will be out very soon! 

Do you play a musical instrument? 
I struggle at playing the guitar.

I took lessons growing up, now I just hum along and make up words as I go along. 

How do you determine talent?/what makes someone "good'? 
Someone "good" is a band that is talented, but unique. It is an artist that can perform well live as well as have innovative and quality recordings. A lot of it is based on a gut feeling and thinking "other people will like this." 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 
At XL Recordings, where I just started working, hopefully being an A & R Manager to a few bands--- living in New York and traveling to London a bunch. 

What would be your theme song? 
"Just like a woman" Bob Dylan.

Music blog you follow? 
Um, I follow over 100! But, religiously, brooklynvegan and fader. 

Favorite New York music festival? 
I guess CMJ- my favorite festivals are not in NY. 

Ever heard real talent in the New York subway? 
No, but sometimes there will be amazing foreign players. 

What is most unique about concerts in New York? 
People in New York get to know everything first, so even the most unheard band could be crowded. There is every type of music genre, every style and look you can imagine. You can find anything here. And you can find at least 5 plus shows a night...

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