December 6, 2009


The FLAG Art Foundation wears many hats as an exhibition space for contemporary art, and as the foundation's Director, so does Stephanie Roach.  FLAG is a non-profit that operates much like a mini-museum with rotating exhibitions. Stephanie was first exposed to the inner workings of the art world in college, serving as a Student Board Member at the Institute of Contemporary Art. It was there that she met Glenn Fuhrman, the Founder of FLAG, and the two made an inspiring connection. Years later, they reconnected to team up and open FLAG. As Director, Stephanie is integral to developing ideas for the shows, seeking curators, and handling all of the logistics, installations, finances, and press to make each show a success. Next year, Stephanie will be organizing Shaquille O'Neal's own curatorial venture: "Size DOES Matter." 

It is fitting that someone as curious and energetic as Stephanie thrives in an environment that is constantly seeking a fresh "vision" and perspective on art. 

Why art? 
I had an appreciation for art and loved going to galleries and museums throughout my childhood.  The turning point really came when I went to the University of Pennsylvania, where I was an Art History and Spanish double major. One of the most influential courses I took was a curatorial seminar my senior year. We visited various private collections, museums and unique art destinations, and we curated a show at the Institute of Contemporary Art. The process of creating a show awakened a different level of appreciation for art in me. 

Favorite artist? 
It's difficult to select one artist as my “favorite” given that there are centuries of amazing art from around the world. One show that best captured my taste was the exhibition “Artempo, Where Time Becomes Art” at Palazzo Fortuny, which featured over 300 objects ranging from rare archaeological materials to contemporary installations.

What color best captures your personality? 

What do you look for in a piece of art? 
A work of art can be aesthetically pleasing and also evoke an emotional or intellectual response. The great part about art for me is that it’s a multi-sensory process; I can be drawn to a work because of its technical prowess as well as its simplicity. 

What excites you about contemporary art? 
It is like taking a pulse of the art world today.  It can illustrate what themes from the past still resonate. It can highlight what is current and also capture a vision for the future.  It intertwines with social and political history, and is the product of what artists create in our invariably complex world. 

If you could take one piece of art from a museum to own in your home, what would it be? 
The Sistine Chapel Ceiling. 

Are you an artist yourself? 
I'm not, but I love interacting with artists and absorbing their creativity.  My creative outlet has been in the form of performing arts--acting and singing. 

Favorite part of your workday? 
The unique encounters that illuminate how universal and relevant art is--those moments when we can offer an environment in which art is accessible and encourages discussion. 

The most difficult part of your job: 
Each of our shows is so distinct that there is always a new set of challenges, which can also be very exciting. 

Describe the "Art World" in three words: 
A lot of… 

What is unique about the art scene in New York? 
New York has remained one of the culture capitals in the art world, especially with the major art historical developments in the 20th century.  The unparalleled energy and hunger also drives a vibrant art scene--the interest in art is contagious. 

Most unusual exhibit you've been involved with so far at FLAG: 
Size DOES Matter. 

Are you so excited for Shaq? 
Absolutely, along with everyone else!  He is really a dynamic and larger than life person both on and off the court. 

DOES size matter? 
In this show, it does. The scale of the artwork plays with perception and invites a closer examination. In general, though, it depends on the context… 

Favorite museum in NYC? 
The Museum of Modern Art.


  1. Stephanie
    Your answers are to the point and intelligen,besides being beautiful you are smart, the future is yours.
    Love Phylis and Yasha.

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  3. Stephanie in 3 words: you are fabulous.
    -YG :)