November 13, 2009

Fashion Photographer: PETER BUCKINGHAM

We can't decide whether freelance photographer Peter Buckingham should be in front of the camera or behind it (take a look at his picture). Clearly the New York City native has chosen exactly what he's best at because his clients include big names from Harper's Bazaar and InStyle magazines  to Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and the New York Times. The son of an internationally acclaimed opera singer and a New York City dancer, Peter has a natural sense of art and confidence in his creative passion. 

From fashion editorials to beauty headshots to advertising campaigns, Peter has an impressively well-rounded portfolio to boast.

How did you arrive at your career in photography? 
In high school when I decided that maybe my hobby could be a career.   

Do you consider yourself an "expert" on beauty? 
Yes, I know a hot, chic girl when I see one for sure.  Unless I'm drunk--then my expertise is not so great. 

The most beautiful quality in a person? 

Do you have a favorite client? 
My favorite client is one who has good taste, vision, and a passion to make that vision happen. Oh, yeah...and one who pays a lot of money. 

Most important skill for a photographer:
Being able to wake up in the morning. 

Your most treasured possession? 
My sailboat. 

Your most overused phrase on a shoot? 
"It's amazing." 

The best color to make a statement? 

Favorite time of day? 

Your happiest place? 
At anchor on my boat in a cove at sunset. 

Worst part of a photo shoot:
The first shot. 

Motto that keeps you going: 
"You're only as good as your last photo." 

Models or mortals? 

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  1. I want a boat. And a hot photographer boyfriend. Make it happen? :)