November 16, 2009


Just as many high school romances fizzle at graduation, Trevor Vaz and Raffi Radna's high school band wasn't able to commit to a long distance relationship through college. Against all odds of it working out, Trevor (Columbia University '11) and Raffi (Vassar College '12) decided to take the plunge and start their own band, Movement, in the summer of 2008. All jokes aside, these two have managed to keep up their songwriting and recording over the phone and internet with great dedication. This shows in their latest self-recorded and self-released free EP. Trevor (vocals, guitar, and beats) and Raffi (guitar, bass, and synths) charm audiences with their distinct sound, relatable lyrics, and stage energy. Check out their next show at Vassar College on November 21st, and click here for a list of their other upcoming performances.

We have a feeling this musical couple is going to last.

Why "Movement"? 
We're named after New Order's first album. 

Describe your style/genre. 
We play garage rock, but we don't play in a I guess we play bedroom rock. It's part electronic, too, but "electronic" sounds too stiff. Either way, we try not to get caught up in genre. We're still developing our style, which is changing pretty rapidly. 

At what point did you realize your talents? 
When we wrote our first song, "Realize." No, we're kidding. We've realized our goals, but not our talents. We have both been making music since we were 12-13 years old. 

What talent would you most like to have? 
Raffi doesn't know how to ride a bike, so he ought to learn. 

Your biggest fan? 
Kara Buckley. 

Where you'll be in 20 years: 
Fat, famous, and recovering from heroine addiction. 

Most embarrassing performance-related moment? 
One time we had a friend recite the creepy monologue from "Thriller" before we started our set. Nobody reacted. 

How do you deal with stress? 
Evan Williams, Dallas BBQ, and 5-Hour Energy shots. 

Do you sing in the shower? 
Movement doesn't shower. 

Favorite Movement song? 
A new one called "Pretender." It's our most guitar-driven song. We played it live for the first time last Thursday at Wesleyan University. 

Current favorite song?  
St. Elmo's Fire by Brian Eno. 

The last show you went to see? 
Our pals, The Postelles, at Bowery Ballroom. It was rad. 

Favorite music venue in NYC? 
Our favorite that we've played is either Pianos or Santos, and our favorite to see shows is either Webster Hall or Death By Audio. We can't stand Terminal 5.

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