January 30, 2011

What2WearWhere: KAREN KLOPP

Karen Klopp founded go-to digital retail boutique and blog What2WearWhere in order to help women answer the eternally pressing question, “What should I wear?” After experiencing various industries and roles such as a producer for documentary films, a writer, and an event-planner, Karen has truly found fun and joy in her current position. A conservationist, traveler, board member for various organizations, chair of countless events and wife and mother of three, Karen has a well-rounded understanding of how to dress for various occasions in a woman’s life. Karen and her staff of ten formidable women seek to make getting out of the door and feeling good easier for the busiest of people, or those just searching for a bit of objective fashion advice. And what’s more--the website not only promotes fashion events that contribute to charitable organizations, but also donates 25% of its retail commissions to charities that help women and the environment.

The days of relying on your friends for fashion advice are over--W2WW has got your back with their researched opinions on what looks best.

What inspired your blog?
Trying to figure out what to wear!  Women, including me, spend too much time at it – I wanted to simplify the process. Today’s busy women who work, volunteer, parent and care-take simply do not have time to shop.

Describe your daily responsibilities:
Keeping the site fresh and the content relevant is what we do all day, everyday. We constantly shop on-line retail sites, finding fashion for our collection. Every item we pick has to be special in some way and provide good value. We have just started a weekly video post, Shop the Street Style, which is a blast because we are out on the street shooting New York’s stylish women – rain or shine, boiling hot or frigidly cold.  

How much traffic does the site get?
All I can say is that we are up 500% from last year and are on the rise from here.

Its key competitors?
Department Stores that have really updated their on-line shopping experience...but even those sites take an enormous amount of time to get through.   

Your style icon:
New York women--they can accomplish so much in a day while still looking fabulous. Not to mention that every New York  woman I know is deeply involved with charity work on top of their already hectic schedules.

Most essential piece in your wardrobe:
It changes all the time. Right now, it’s skinny pants. They’re so flattering and look great with flats, heels, or tucked into boots.
The secret to classic style?
Find a style that suits you and stick with it. I think that “classic style” is being comfortable in what you are wearing.

Your most prized possession:
Whatever I have bought last.  In this case, it is a pair of Tory Burch wedged boots.

Most overrated virtue:
Patience. I cannot stand waiting for anything. 

Pivotal moment in your career:
Well, I have had a few careers! But with What2WearWhere, women whom I don’t even know have been coming up to me and telling me they love our site and I think, “Okay--this is working.”

The worst fashion faux-pas?
Stockings with open toed shoes or sandals--it is a terrible look.

Your most embarrassing fashion experience:
Wearing something that is too tight and spending the day pulling on it and being distracted by it. When you are between sizes, it is better to take the larger size and have it altered.  

Your real life role model:
My friends.  I am so fortunate to be surrounded by women who reach out and help each other.  

Your favorite color to wear:
I love all the neutrals from cream to caramel.  I think eventually you are drawn to the colors that look good on you.

Your prediction for the next major fashion trend?
I think Kate Middleton will have a huge influence on fashion.  Women will want to replicate her chic and appropriate way of dressing.

Your motto:
To misquote the most inspiring of statesmen, Sir Winston Churchil: "Never, never, never, never give up.”

Favorite place to shop in New York:
Actually, my computer.  I can get more done in an hour of on-line shopping than a day spent in a store.

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