January 3, 2011

Rarities Fine Jewelry: CAROL BRODIE

Carol Brodie built her reputation as the Global Director of Communications at Harry Winston, developing her skills as a celebrity jewelry stylist with a trove of jewelry maintenance and style tips. In 2009, she launched her very own Rarities Fine Jewelry line on the Home Shopping Network (HSN), showcasing both the attractive package of her jewelry line as well as her ease in front of the camera. Rarities Fine Jewelry offers elegant pieces with the high-end look of Tiffany or Cartier at a price that won’t cost you your first born. With notable media attention and a handful of celebrity followers like Michelle Trachtenberg, Emmy Rossum, and Terri Hatcher, Rarities has grown significantly since its start and continues to draw fans--after all, its wide selection of pieces appeals to all ages.

Carol is truly a gem connoisseur and her background in style ensures that her jewelry will elevate any ensemble. Keep your eyes peeled for her on HSN on January 5th from 9-11pm.

What are your day-to-day responsibilities?  
Well, it depends. As a mother, I am responsible for the well being of my rarest gems, Noah (13) and Grant (10). As for my business, I am responsible for marketing, sales, product development, PR, customer relations, social media outreach, design, merchandising and quality assurance.

Explain your design process:  
I am a curator and a passionate collector of fine jewelry. I am obsessed with antique jewelry, which serves as my inspiration for the majority of my collection.

Describe Rarities’ style in three words:
Empowering, eclectic, accessible.

Your goals for Rarities in the next year?
Under-promise and over-deliver.

What makes a good salesperson?
Passion and expertise!

What is the most challenging aspect of selling on TV?
I don’t sell, I tell: I share stories and my tips and expertise. The product and the host are key to sales.

Do you remember your first piece of jewelry?
A Tiger’s Eye bracelet that my dad ordered for me from the back of a cereal box. I treasured it until the paint wore off and I lost all of the tiger’s eye pieces.

Stone that represents your personality and why:
Diamond! After all, I am an Aries, and the diamond is my birthstone. It is pure, rare and authentic. I hope I represent the same qualities.

Your most prized possession:
Unconditional love, inner peace, and my children (although I guess they’re not really possessions--even though they do cost a fortune!).

Best tip for shrewd jewelry shopping:
Shop from a reputable source. Make sure the jeweler has been in business long enough to have created a strong following with excellent referrals. Make sure you understand the return policy!

Best tip for keeping pieces looking new:
Always pack jewelry individually in soft cloth bags so pieces do not scratch each other. Store in an anti-tarnish jewel box. Don’t abuse your jewelry--it’s precious and should be treated with respect.

Your real life hero?
Within each of us lives a hero. I have still yet to find mine.

Your current state of mind:
Wide open.

Most important quality in a friend:

Favorite jewelry store/area to window shop in NYC:
Barney’s and Bergdorf Goodman are two of my faves, but the close-out estate jewelry dealers are number one on my list.

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