November 30, 2010

Stirrings Naked Bartender: CARLO ROMERO

Carlo Romero has brought the Naked Bartender fantasy to life. After leaving the trading floor at a Wall Street bulge bracket firm, Carlo moved to a career in modeling, when he nabbed the role of spokesperson for Diageo’s highly-enjoyed “Stirrings brand. Diageo is a premium drinks business with a collection of international brands across spirits, wine, and beer (including Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker, Baileys, Guinness, and Jose Cuervo), and Stirrings is their line of all-natural drink mixes that make quality cocktails easy to come by. Its motto, “The Naked Bartender believes that nothing should come between you and simply better tasting cocktails,” (implied: not even clothes) is brought to life by the fun-loving and bold Carlo, who at age 26 epitomizes going “au naturel.” Carlo’s expressed mission is to hit the road and shake drinks à la nude, “spreading joy, fun, and good times wherever he goes.” Jealous yet?

Luckily for us, Carlo calls New York his home, and upon hearing that Carlo makes event appearances, Stirrings has suddenly become our favorite brand for the holiday season.
Explain your career path:
It's nonlinear.

Traits that traders and models share:
Eyes. Ears. Opposable thumbs.

What is Stirrings?
Stirrings is an all-natural cocktail mixer that was created by a couple of guys in Nantucket in 1997. It's a simple solution for entertaining with cocktails at home. Instead of going to the store and buying a long list of ingredients and then going through a series of procedures in order to make a mixed drink, a host can simply buy Stirrings and just add spirits.

What inspired you to enter the contest to be the Stirrings Naked Bartender?
I was browbeaten with phone calls from a third party agent until I agreed to do it.

What does the Stirrings spokesperson position entail?
I run around in an apron and shorts and tell people how great Stirrings is. Often I do it on camera.

How does it feel to be the naked bartender?

Do you prefer it to doing the job while clothed?
What job?

How does it compare to being a trader?
Obviously the pace of the work is a lot different. Shooting segments as the Naked Bartender is a lot more relaxed than trying to make money in the financial markets. There's a lot less pressure of course; if I make a mistake as the Naked Bartender we can just shoot another take, whereas mistakes in high finance are often very costly. In many ways though, I'm still selling.  

Best tip for “going au naturel”:
It helps to take your clothes off.

Best place to be au naturel:
In the shower.

Your current state of mind:

Your greatest indulgence:

Cocktail that describes your personality:
Sex on the Beach.

Most embarrassing moment on the job:
As you might guess I'm not easily embarrassed.

Best perk of your job?
Hotel slippers.

Your greatest accomplishment:
Lies ahead.

Your idea of happiness:
It's a choice.

Your motto:
I don't have a motto. I just try to live a balanced life.

Where to get the best cocktail in NYC:

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