October 24, 2010

Cinematographer: DARREN LEW

Darren Lew brings artistic excellence to everything he touches. The award-winning cinematographer has grown an impressive and diverse filmography, applying his talent and creativity to produce an array of acclaimed commercials, short films, and documentaries. He’s recently received attention for the visually stunning, black-and-white Levi’s American “Go Forthcommercial, for which he was the 2010 AICP Show Winner for Cinematography and Visual Style and the 2010 Cannes Lions Festival Bronze Winner in Cinematography. Darren’s first project was working with Steven Meisel on Madonna’s SEX book, and he has since photographed commercials for Lacoste, Nike, Clinique, Versace, VW, HBO, and Calvin Klein, among others, and has worked the camera for notable short films including BUGCRUSH directed by Carter Smith, Bastard and Welcome directed by Kirsten Dunst, and Streak directed by Demi Moore. Darren also contributed his cinematographic talents to the recently released documentary Freakonomics, adapted from the best-selling book and directed by Oscar-winner Alex Gibney.
Experience Darren’s cinematography first-hand (above), then catch a glimpse into his thoughts (below).
Describe your artistic vision
Looking for the beauty in imperfection.

Your current state of mind
Trying not to slide backwards.

Your current inspiration?
Raphael's frescoes in the Vatican Museum.

Project you’re most proud of?
Levi's "Go Forth."

When or where are you most happy?
In the winter, at 9,000 feet, on two skis.

Your greatest accomplishment:
Raising three kids in New York City.

Best part about your job?
Not having to go to an office every day.

Not having an office to go to every day.

Your goal in life:
To ride my motorcycle to every national park in the country.

Your motto:
Cameramen don't move cameras--actors do.

What is it you dislike the most?
Someone trying to high-five me.

Color vs. black-and-white?
Drained color, or black-and-white with a near imperceptible blue tone.

How often do you film your kids?
They film me.

Your favorite advertisement:
“Old Spice, ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’” and “VW Night Driving

Favorite NY film festival:
Sundance at BAM seems to be on hiatus, so I guess would say The Optic Nerve Film
Festival at St. Ann's School.

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