April 19, 2010

Squash Champion: BASET CHAUDHRY

Based Chaudhry, captain and top-ranked player of the reigning Trinity Bantam squash champions, posesses a modest attitude and determined work ethic that have kept him on top of his game throughout his college squash career. Peers, teammates, coaches, and teachers alike look up to Baset for his academic, professional, and athletic achievements, but also because he stands at an impressive 6'5". Native to Lahore, Pakistan, Baset came to teh US on the path of a student-athlete, and has brought unique experience to the courts that has carried the Trinity Squash legacy of success. After graduation this spring from Trinity College in Hartford, CT, Baset will be hitting Wall Street to join the ever-growing romance between investment bankers and squash.

Baset is an example of an athlete who has internalized the pressures of high-level competition and, as far as we can see, he will most definitely apply them in the next phase of his life. Welcome to NYC.

How long have you been playing squash? 
I started playing when I was 10. Currently I'm 24, so that makes it 14 years. 

How did you decide to come to college in the US? 
I didn't enjoy the professional squash circuit too much, and thought it would be a great idea to pursue squash and studies in a university like Trinity. 

Why Trinity? 
Squash program. 

How many championships have you won? 
Men's Team World Juniors Championship 2004, British Junior Championship 2005, 2 Individual and 4 Team National Championships at Trinity.

One word to describe your team: 

Secret to your success: 
Dedication, a one-mind focus, a never-giving-up attitude, and hard work.

What do you eat before a match? 
McDonalds, Subway.

Any pre-game rituals? 
Before a big match, I offer Namaz (Muslim prayer). 

Talent you wish you had? 

Best part of the game of squash: 
A great workout. 

Worst part of being a college athlete: 
Missing nights out during the season.

Most important skill in squash: 

Ways you keep calm/focused: 
Accepting that nervousness is just natural. 

What earns your respect in an opponent? 
Not giving up attitude. 

Your real life role model: 
Imran Khan (Pakistan Cricket Team).

Your future plans: 
To succeed in the world of finance.

Current state of mind: 

Your motto: 

Where will you play in NYC next year? 
Hopefully University Club.

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  1. You forgot to mention is amazing good looks!