February 2, 2010


Rolling Stone writes that The Postelles "have a sneering attitude all their own," which is pretty awesome for a group of twenty-something's who have taken a gamble on pursuing their band's success in place of college. Daniel Balk (lead vocals & guitar), David Dargahi (supporting vocals & guitar), John Speyer (bass), and Billy Cadden (drums) have been The Postelles since they met in high school in New York City. Their acclaim has steadily grown since; what started as a band that did gigs for their high school crowd has developed into one with an international following that has shared the bill with big names such as Vampire Weekend, Fanfarlo, and Yeasayer. Not to mention, you can find them at Electric Lady Studios, a landmark in midtown New York City that has churned out music greats ever since it was built by Jimi Hendrix in 1970. 

What's next for the Postelles? White Night EP is due out March 2nd by Astralwerks/Capitol Records, and then they're hitting road on tour with Hockey. John (second from the right) takes the lead in the interview.

Music or food? 

Music or sex? 

Why "Postelles"? 
Because it evokes an era of music we love, a la The Shirelles, The Caravelles, etc., and we wanted to put our own spin on it--we're "post-" that sound. 

Favorite Postelles song? 
Each and every Postelles song is one of our babies, so it's hard to choose.  I love playing "Can't Stand Still" live, though.

How many shows have you played?
A little over a hundred. 

Describe your best show. 
Some of the best shows were at the recently defunct Le Royale.  It's a small venue with a really fantastic small crowd and vibe.  I also really loved playing in London. 

Your goal for the band? 
It sounds cliche, but we really just want people to hear our music.  If people react to it in a positive way and it means something to them, then we'll have achieved everything we could possibly want.

Your biggest fan? 
Our close friends and family are big supporters.  We also have a few people from all over the world who found our music on the internet and do everything in their power to help share it. 

Most-played song on iTunes? 

What did you do all day? 
Brewed some delicious coffee, ate some Honey Nut Cheerios, and went to the practice space to get ready for Wednesday's show. 

And last night? 
Watched "Everything is Illuminated" and passed out early. 

"We don't need no education." Comment. 
Everyone needs an education.  Whether it's traditional or not is another matter... 

Best place to practice? 
Our beautiful practice space in midtown. That's where the magic happens.

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