December 1, 2009

Saturday Night Live: MARIKA SAWYER

Many people think they're smart, and even more people think they're funny, but the writers of NBC's Saturday Night Live prove that they're both smart AND funny every weekend without fail before millions of viewers. Marika Sawyer, who fell into a career as a writer for the show, approaches the daunting task of making America laugh with confidence and a lot of hard work. She started at the studio as a receptionist and script PA, and after years of typing other peoples' scripts, Marika decided she would give writing a try herself. Now, at twenty-five years old, she has been a core writer for the show for four years. As a result of the vision and long hours of quick wits like Marika, SNL has remained a staple of late-night television for thirty -five years. So, we present to you one of the creative minds from behind the scenes. 

Do you consider yourself funny? 
At times I think I am the funniest person to ever live, and at other times, the complete opposite. 

The best part of writing for SNL? 
The people, the speed (meaning how fast everything happens, not the drug--ha!), and the drugs. 

The worst? 
The long hours. 

Your favorite cast member? 
All of them. 

Agree or Disagree: There's always truth in jest? 
Agree. Just kidding--I'm lying. Did that make sense? 

The funniest line of all time: 
See answer #6. No? 

How would you describe your personal humor? 
See answers #6 and #7.

The funniest person you know? 
My cat, Walt. 

Do you still get star struck? 
No, I have mostly learned to hate celebrities. 

Where you hope to be in 20 years? 
Not in LA. 

What you felt the first time you saw what you wrote on air? 
Nervous, then amazing, then convinced it had gone horribly and everyone hated me. 

Best way to combat writer's block? 
I like to go to the Barnes and Noble on 68th and Broadway and look at random photography books. 

Your favorite television show? 
Growing up--The Simpsons. All time--Freaks and Geeks or Arrested Development. Now I mostly watch reality shows and morning shows like The View and Martha Stewart. 

Your best late night New York tradition? 

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