November 10, 2009


NYU juniors Ariel Kanter and Whitney Edwards prove that "Everything tastes better with a dash of sass" in their website (formerly blog) Nosh and Tell, launched in March 2008.   Ariel has the dynamic combination of a love for cooking and the vivacity and commitment to initiate the Nosh and Tell enterprise, while Whitney, who has cooking in her blood (her mom is a gourmet chef and caterer), adds the innate culinary expertise that powers these recipes.

Not only has this pair inspired many delicious recipe experiments among their thousands of followers (even Britney Spears!), but they have also inspired the execution of our own blog, QuestionNYaire.

Do you always nosh and tell? 
We always seem to be noshing, and tell almost as often.

How many blog postings have you done?

Which is your favorite? 
Our 100th blog post. We had all our friends over. Whitney cooked kosher beef bourguignon and Ariel made puff pastry with sauteed veggies and caramelized onions. We wined and dined in style.

If you could have any food in the world right now, what would it be?
Onion Soup Dumplings from Stanton Social.Whitney: Something that combines peanut butter, chocolate, Harvarti cheese, apples, and marshmallow fluff that tastes good.

Your idea of happiness?
Whitney: Butter, potatoes--sometimes together.
Ariel: S'mores bars, mac and cheese--never together.
Ariel and Whitney: Watching someone enjoy the food that we create.

Most attractive quality in a person?
Sense of humor and the ability to emotionally overcome oven fires.

Greatest inspiration?

My mom.
Whitney's mom.

Career aspiration?

To have a show on the Food Network that lets me live in Nashville (my hometown).
Ariel: To be the next Mark Bittman and have a Magazine or column called "Ravenous."

Proudest Nosh and Tell moment?Reaching our goal of raising $1,000 for Share our Strength  and finding out that Britney Spears follows us on Twitter.

A seasoning that describes your partnership and friendship?

Thyme--goes well with everything and is "thyme-less."
Sugar--endlessly sweet, makes everything better.

Could you marry someone who doesn't do the dishes?

Absolutely not.

Worst part of clean-up?

Doing the dishes, especially when you're living in an NYC apartment with no dishwasher. Also, realizing that there are no leftovers--hence massive consumption of fat and calories. HELLO, WEIGHT GAIN!

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  1. Ariel has an ass that could start a cook fire in the rainforest. Noise is she cooks too hot and fast for the average G; like, hard to last long enough to burn a minute steak.